Wednesday, October 20, 2010


just finished up a shoulder routine. this was the first time i tried 50 rep sets for laterals and they are awesome! your delts will go numb and fill up with blood quick. crazy pump! i had to take a couple few second breaks during the sets and was only using 12lb dbs. here's the routine

  • standing db lateral raise 3x50
  • bb upright rows 4x10-12 one drop set
  • db front raises 4x10-12 one drop
  • reverse pec dec 3x10-12 superset with partial laterals (top half of rep)
  • smith machine shrugs superset db shrugs 4x10-15

i did intervals with abs and jump rope. i would jumprope for 2-3 minutes then knock out a set of abs here is what i did for abs

  • hanging leg raises 3xfailure
  • standing cable straight bar crunches superset one arm cable oblique crunches
  • ball twists on sit up bench
finished off with leg press machine calve raises 4x12. today was a low carb day so my energy was definitely low. running off of 25g from my first meal.... the 300mg of caffeine anhydrous is what helped get me through this one.

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