Friday, October 22, 2010


just finished up a killer leg workout. decided to do the best of both worlds. lighter weight high reps and heavier weight lower reps. heres the routine

the first thing was a giant set. so i did squats then lunged to the lying leg curl machine which was about 15 steps then did leg ext and lunged back to the squat rack

  • squats,lunge,lying leg curl,leg ext. 3×30,20,10
  • close feet stance leg press superset stiffleg deadlifts 3×30,20,10
  • bench step ups superset bench jumps 3×10 on each leg of stepups and 20 bench jumps
  • seated calve raise 4×12 with 3 drops on the 4th set to failure.

hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Hey bro, I have a suggestion for posting your workouts (if you don't mind). A buddy of mine got me doing them this way and it helps keep track of the weight you use. Try listing the Exercise followed by the (Weight x Reps), while only re-stating the weight when it changes. Here's one of my Leg workouts and how I logged it:

    Back Squat (225x10,275x8,8,8,8)
    Leg Press (360x12,450x10,10,10,10)
    Leg Extension (190x8,6,175x8,8)
    Leg Curl (140x8,6,125x7,5)
    Calf Extension (170x18,14,12,10,10)
    Smith Lunge (70x8,8,7,6)

    Anyway, it's just an idea. Take care man.

  2. i really don't care about the weight in numbers. i don't train for strength. i train to stimulate my muscles and it's all about the feeling the numbers don't mean anything to me.