Sunday, October 24, 2010

back attack

here is today's routine

  • chins 2 sets wide grip and one set reverse narrow grip did all three sets to failure
  • tbar rows 3 total sets first set 30 reps, second set 20 reps and last set 10 reps
  • narrow grip pulldowns 3x12
  • reverse grip bb rows 3x12
  • seated row superset standing rope rows 3x12-15
  • one arm db row on bench 3x12 superset hyperext 3x15

finished up with 2 exercises for bi's just to get some blood in them.

  • spyder curls 3x15
  • seated concentration curls 3x15
i'm going to take the pups for a hike and relax the rest of the day watch some football and dexter later on. hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

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