Thursday, October 21, 2010


today's arm routine was just ok. i base my workouts on how my pump is. and i think sense yesterday was extremely low carb day i wasn't able to really fill up today. i didn't do as much as i normally would either for this reason. regardless it was ok. here's the routine

  • standing straight bar curls 3x8-12 one drop superset cable straight bar kick outs
  • incline db curl superset overhead one arm db ext 3x10-12
  • one arm seated preacher curl superset straight bar skullcrushers 3x10-12

for forearms and abs i did a little circuit for about 10 minutes i jumproped for 2 min then went straight into reverse seated wrist curls for 20 reps then bench crunches for 30 reps then back to the rope for 2 min.

i just got back now from my usual 6 mile course that i do and i think it's a bit too chilly to be running without a shirt on now because i was cramping most of my run which was hell. but i pushed through it and ended up running it in 46:22 not my best time but i can live with it.


  1. Good stuff man... keep it up! Have you ever tried "Standing Plate Fingertip Raises" as part of your forearm training? If not, you should... they pump my forearms up like crazy!

    Here's a demo:

  2. hey kirk thanks! i've never tried those def gonna give them a go next time i do forearms!