Monday, October 25, 2010


even though being low on carbs i was still able to get full and a nice pump today. these high rep sets are really doing the trick! here's the routine.

  • standing one arm reverse lateral 3x15
  • seated db laterals 3x12
  • standing one arm behind back lateral raise 3x15
  • upright rows 3x30,20,10
  • incline bench front raises (chest on bench) 3x12
  • bent over db laterals superset db shrugs 3x12-15
  • standing one leg calve raise bodyweight 3x15
  • standing calve machine 4x12 one drop on the last set
it has been nice that i've gotten to back off of cardio and let the nutrition do the work now. i'm still going to run at least 12-15 miles a week and jump rope a bit also but i'm not doing no where near the amount of cardio i had been doing. looking forward to tom for arm day :)

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