Wednesday, October 27, 2010

food log day 3

  1. 5:15am 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ one scoop protein, protein shake one scoop
  2. 8:30am 8 egg whites,1 banana
  3. 10:45am 50g whey protein
  4. 1pm 6oz tilapia, 3tbsp cream of wheat,1000mg flaxseed oil
  5. 4pm 50gram whey protein, 1 b-complex vitamin w/C
  6. 5pm egg salad (6 egg whites 2 yolks)
  7. 8:30pm 6oz tilapia,flaxseed oil 1000mg
  8. 10:15pm 6 egg whites salad

i have found a new favorite with the egg salad i’ll post the recipe tom!

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