Thursday, October 28, 2010

Devils Egg Salad

this is a new favorite for me if you like deviled eggs this is what it taste me at least. it's cheap, quick and very tasty. depending on your protein and fat needs you can add more whites or take the yolk completely out. i had this twice yesterday and the first time i had it with 2 yolks and the second time i just had 6 whites. enjoy!!


-2 whole hard-boiled eggs
-4 hard boiled egg eggwhites
-1 heaping tbsp dijon mustard
-dash of ground pepper
-dash of cayenne pepper

directions bowl chop up all the eggs to your liking
2.add pepper and cayenne and dijon mustard
3.mix well and enjoy!

directions for boiling eggs 12 eggs in pot and add water about an inch over the eggs
2place on high until its starts to boil, then reduce heat to med and cover, cook for 10 minutes
3after 10 minutes move to cool part of stove and let them cool off for 10-15
4drain water and peel (it’s easyier if you peel under cold water but they are still kinda a pain in the ass)

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