Tuesday, November 2, 2010


torched my legs tonite! but i’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my recovery time with lactic acid build up from doing the HIIT cardio. here’s the routine
  • squats - 4×10-12
  • one leg-seated upright leg press machine 3×12
  • lying leg curl 4×12
  • stiff leg deadlifts 3×10-12
  • close foot stance lying leg press 4×10-12
  • leg ext 3×10-12
  • walking bb lunges 20 steps each direction total 40 steps for 3 sets
  • seated calve raise 4×12
  • leg press calve raise 3×12 superset with standing bodyweight raises 3×20-30

i’m about to give power yoga a try right now. this will be the first time i’ve ever tried yoga so i’ll let you everyone know how it goes. flexibility is something else that i’ve never focused but will be incorporating it once or twice a week with yoga. the only time i stretch anything is between sets so this will be good addition.

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