Sunday, November 14, 2010

Legs and a quick UPDATE

one of my best leg workouts went down today. i trained them a little heavier then i normally do so i know there going to be talking to me in the am. i had a a busy but great productive weekend. this upcoming week i’ll be filming my back routine along with a couple of cooking segments and i’m starting this week demonstrating one exercise a week video clip with full description of that particular exercise.also i hired a webmaster and the new and improved will be coming soon that will tie my youtube channel blog, photo galleries etc all together. hope every had a great weekend also! Youtube Channel

  • Lying leg curls superset leg ext 4×12
  • Squats 4×10-12
  • Leg press (narrow foot stance) superset stiff leg deadlifts 3×10-12
  • walking db lunges 3 sets total 40 steps each set
  • seated calve raise 4×12

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